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...is a vampire


Todo: descriptions

# TS Name Virtue race nationality description
1 Y Gabriel[ 0 ] Lee justice white (493) CBC 1st/2nd gen
2 Y Magnum 'Maggie' Yuen [ 1 ] f courage chinese (683) Hong-Kong
3 N Iago dos Anjos m prudence white (502) Portugese
4 N Emily Wong charity chinese(670) Canadian-Chinese
5 N Mawusi Ngata f hope mixed (987) CBC 1st gen - Daughter of African-american mother and white/maori Father
6 N Guillaume Harris m faith white (473) CBC (mohter French imm.)
7 N Natasha Zaytsev f temperance white (61) CBC 1st gen

(races random based on [this] )

Notable Contacts

is actaully a Cop-Demon as it is a mortal possessed by a demon but in full control as of now
The Mage chick
sent by consilium
Queen Mab
not technically a contact
The Werewolf latino girl
with all the proper tatoos